Nathalie_GueneauIn 1989  Nathalie Gueneau, a French entrepreneur with a strong passion for organics and the natural world, travelled to Chile and personally experienced, after seriously burning her lips, the therapeutic and regenerative potential of rosehip (Rosa affinis rubiginosa) seed oil from wild roses. 

This is a variety of dog-rose that grows in the wild in an uncontaminated highland habitat in south-central Chile. The fruits (rosehips) yield an oil with natural properties of an incomparable richness in essential fatty acids like plant-based Omega 3 oils.

Nathalie Gueneau got in contact with a team of researchers in the pharmaceutical chemistry department at the University of Concepción that in the 1980s had revealed and tested the dermocosmetic properties of Rosa Mosqueta (or the wild rose).

That spark lead to the foundation of Italchile, a business driven by its mission to develop the production of Rosa Mosqueta oil by cold pressing. This method of production allows the preservation of its exceptional properties, making it available in “extra-virgin” form.

Through its Chilean supply chain, Italchile controls the entire production process for Rosa Mosqueta oil from harvest to drying, extraction and processing.

Consistent with its business philosophy, in 1995 Italchile – again the first – received organic certification for its Rosa Mosqueta oil.

This rosehip oil is the main ingredient in the entire line of organic, vegetable-based Rosa Mosqueta cosmetics and the Omegarosa® and Omegarosa® Plus nutritional supplements.

In 2002/2003, Italchile was undeniably among the first companies to be awarded a certification for “Cosmetique Biologique” (organic cosmetics) from Ecocert.


Thanks to collaboration with European universities that objectively measure the biophotonic concentration of products, all Italchile cosmetics and supplements are organically dynamised with an innovative process that refines for the final product the energy naturally found in the plant: dynamisation.