Certificazione Cosmebio per la cosmesi biologica Certificazione biologico alimentare Certificazione Ecocert  Certificazione Ecogruppo Certificazione Agricoltura biologica

For ITALCHILE, a comprehensive dedication to organic cosmetics has always been its commitment, one that translates into certification, first obtained for Rosa Mosqueta (an absolute exclusive on the world market) – the main ingredient of Italchile products – and then an increasing number of products.

Since 1989, Italchile has been pursuing organic certification for Rosa Mosqueta Oil, first in South America with IMO and then – beginning in 1996 – with the ECOGRUPPO Italy organization.

All products in the Mosqueta’s cosmetics line, perfected after September 2002 (the date of Italchile’s membership in COSMEBIO), comply with the rigorous ECOCERT standards for organic cosmetics.